Signup to Clear my Letterbox and Gate and Property Check
  • To prevent fire hazard due to the gate will be flooded with flyers
  • To prevent mail lost due to new incoming letters cannot be inserted to your mailbox
  • To prevent Burglary as they know your house have no occupant due to the flyers outside your house
  • To prevent tenant misuse or rent out your property to others for profit

  • Name(Owner/Resident of this Property)
    For contacting purpose ( * Compulsory )

    Contact No
    For contacting purpose. HP/TEL ( * Compulsory )

    For letters scan to email if you are getting letterscan package

    Property Address
    For visiting and monitoring setup purpose

    Mail Redirect Address
    For sending confidential letters to you overseas or another location

    Package Type
    On how to management my letterbox and gate if we are not around

    Just name it what other things you want us to include

    more characters allowed to type

    Code(See left)